In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure
Accept responsibility for your life Know that it is you who will get you where you want to go, no one else - Les Brown
Dance as though no one is watching you Love as though you have never been hurt before, Sing as though no one can hear you, Live as though Heaven is on Earth - Souza
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My 1:1 coaching will empower you to set and achieve goals allowing you to reach your full potential in your personal and professional life.

What is Personal Performance Coaching?

Coaching is a relatively new phenomenon. With the onset of daily pressures in life there is sometimes the need to consult somebody away from your peer group, family, work colleagues to help you enhance your day to day life. A coach is an independent party who will not pass judgement, but be there to help you set goals to be a better version of yourself.

The Personal Coaching I operate in Cambridge is a solutions based approach. Through the application of tried and tested practices you will be able to undertake a step by step process towards achieving your goals. Coaching can help you take control of the direction in which your life is going. It allows you to take time to reflect on what is going well, what you would like to change and look at how to implement those changes.

The process is two-way and requires full commitment from both coach and coachee. The coaching relationship is built on trust and open communication.

Although I am a Coach who operates in Cambridge, St Neots and Bedford I am able to reach clients all over the world through the use of Skype and email. I provide free online coaching to all of my clients.

My clients have to come to me saying: “I need to change but I don’t know how.” “I cannot control the situation.” “I am not worthy.” “I deserve to feel like this because I am a failure.”

They leave me saying: “I feel empowered to make decisions.” “Nothing can stop me now.” “I have changed my life and turned it around!”

In what areas can Personal Performance Coaching be useful?

To discuss further please contact me through the link provided. Your first 30 minute initial session by telephone is free of charge. Serena Pyke Life Coach Cambridge, St Neots, Bedford. UK


My role as Coach is to help you understand what is holding you back and to help you propel forward.

The beauty of coaching is that the answers already lie within you, I will help you find them.

If you are not yet ready to receive coaching take a look at my blog and Facebook page. It will give you an idea of what I can offer. Click here to see how I can help you. My newsletter comes out monthly, subscribe and check out the content. Uncertain about your career progression? Click here for your career coaching start kit!

What people say about my service: Testimonials

“Serena you really do change people’s lives for the better. I now feel empowered to make decisions and can take on the world! Thank you.” RC

“I feel like things are clear in my mind. You have had a positive effect on other areas of my life too I have completely de-cluttered my house.” JH

“I feel empowered and in control of the situation now.” JA

To discuss further please contact me through the link provided – it’s the blue button over there on the right-hand side. Your first 30 minute initial session by telephone is free of charge. My costs are quoted here.

  • Are you unhappy in your relationship and feel unsatisfied?
  • Are you wanting to be healthier, get fit and lose weight but can’t seem to stick to a plan?

What is holding YOU back?

I can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Google+


Well-being workshop:

The purpose of my well-being workshop is to enable you to set and achieve your personal goals. You will work on banishing your limiting beliefs forever and you will become empowered to think positively to make changes to your life.

Making small changes to your life can make a huge difference to your happiness and well-being.

Have you ever wanted to make a difference to your life but have been held back by feeling ‘you can’t’? We often hear our limiting beliefs holding us back. Limiting beliefs are those thoughts which prevent us from moving forward. The key to overcoming them is to acknowledge what they are and how they affect our behaviour. Read about limiting beliefs here.

Ask yourself:

  • What do I want to achieve?
  • Which areas of my life are currently unfulfilled?
  • What am I uncertain about?
  • Do I feel successful?
  • Where do I need to make changes in my life?
  • What do I want to be better at?
  • What goals do I need to set?

My well-being workshop will help you challenge your limiting beliefs and start thinking about how you can achieve your goals. You will leave feeling inspired to make positive changes immediately.


Feedback from recent motivational workshops:

“Thank you for an amazing evening yesterday. Your talk was really inspiring and motivating. I learned a lot and am very pumped up now to go into action with this new awakening.” JS

“Your talk has inspired me to take the next step on one of my ambitions.” CB

“Thanks for a truly inspiring evening. I hope to be invited to your next meeting.” AT

Life Coach Serena Pyke

East of England Well being Show – Newmarket – Saturday 7th June 2014


About me

The bits you didn’t know!

Well here I am telling you my story (some of it anyways ;-)). I have waited some time before telling my story because I didn’t want this website to be “The Serena show!” 😉 However, as a LIFE coach I feel it is important to share with you how I have come to be the person I am today; my life journey so far. So, if you are interested in the Serena Show, read on!

My journey is still very much ‘in action’ and I endeavour to learn something new everyday. My philosophy on life is to seize the day or Carpe Diem. To me, that means making the most of every moment, being true to myself and others, and being the best I can be to influence those around me to do the same.

Sole parenting

You may know my daughter is 8 years old, I have brought her up single-handedly since she was 6 months old. This is something I am extremely proud of. Being a parent has changed me irrevocably and for the better. I have worked full time since Holly was a few months old, again something I am proud of. Being a good role model to Holly is extremely important to me. Every parent has their own style, there is no right or wrong as far as I am concerned, only what is best for the child at that time. Holly adored nursery and has great social skills because of it.

Juggling work

I found being a mum and working full time a challenge to say the least. In addition to working I was also travelling and there were some days I do not know how I managed to get through the day, but if you are a parent you know that feeling! All was going well, I progressed in my career and received promotions every few years as was my plan. I have over 12 years experience in client facing roles and relationship management, so working with all types of people is a skill of mine. I was a superb juggler, but there were times when I felt I wasn’t doing a great job. I felt stressed all the time and I really couldn’t understand why. A few years later the reason became apparent, I was ill.

Getting ill

I got so ill I could not walk without pain, I could not digest food and I am sad to say Holly had to take care of me some days. Nobody could tell me what was wrong and it took months until I was diagnosed as a Coeliac. I had basically been malnourished my whole life. When I look back at pictures of myself, I was scrawny looking, very tired, withdrawn, even emaciated. There was no reason for me to think it was a medical issue because I always enjoyed food. My blood became really thin, my bones became brittle and my immune system attacked my joints. Crippling migraines came frequently and still nobody could tell me what was wrong. I look back on this time and it helps me understand all of the good people I had around me and all of the positives I have learned on my journey. Getting ill and slowly recovering really taught me a lesson, that perseverance and attitude is key. Living in pain is not an easy task! I learned that you have to accept what has happened rather than place blame, as sometimes there is no-one to blame. I was committed even more to live by the mantra ‘seize the day’.

Another complication to my story is that Holly has a bowel condition she was born with. This is something we deal with everyday. There are medications to be taken and routines we adhere to. When Holly was a baby she was pretty poorly and popped out at a tiny 5lb 0oz (to me I feel very lucky as a lot of undiagnosed coeliacs are unable to conceive or have traumatic difficulties with pregnancy.) The Special Care Unit took care of Holly for 9 days and she had problems with her feeding. Problems ensued and after a period of investigation the Dr’s said her condition was unexplained and we now deal with it as best we can. If you have a  child with special needs, you will know that it is a challenge. Very early on I decided that Holly would not be a victim of her condition and would live a normal life, which she does. Indeed the Consultants always comment on her high spirit and positive attitude. From this I have learned that a positive approach and outlook has helped us greatly.


One of the reasons I became a coach is because I wanted to have happiness in my life everyday. I achieve this when I am helping people. This message is something I am happy to share, indeed only this week Holly said to me: “Mummy if you are not happy in your job, you just shouldn’t do it.” I present some motivational workshops which help individuals work out what is holding them back from making their passion their business, something I love to do.

In essence a coach does not have a perfect life, my experience and skills enable me to build a trusting rapport with my clients so they feel they can open up and share their stories with me. I then identify when to ask the right questions to get the client to really think about what is holding them back. It is my job to help my clients find their own goals, set them and achieve them. This is what I do. Have you ever heard the saying “I couldn’t find the answer until I said it out loud?” That is what coaching does, it helps you find the answers that lie within you.

There you go, I have shared a little about me, feel free to share your stories in return.

Serena x


  • Knocked for six

    Knocked for six

    Your health and happiness

    Knocked for six is an article about those moments in life that knock you down by surprise and cause emotional turmoil. Through life coaching I have learnt that life teaches us many lessons. Have you ever taken something for granted? Friends, family, your health! You may not have even known you were doing it. Then by suprise you lost them and your world fell apart.

    At this point you suddenly realised what they meant to you. Life is very good at teaching us lessons. The key is to learn from them.

    Today I’m talking about health. I never really knew how important my health was to me, until I lost it. In fact I never really thought about it as a major part of who I was, of who I am, or how essential it was to my happiness!


    Initially when something is taken away from you it invokes certain emotions. For me, I was shocked to the core. The implications of the loss suddenly hit home and I got very very scared. As a single mum, my daughter relies solely on me for everything: financially, love, care, health, well-being etc.

    Once that hit home I had to acknowledge the major implications to myself. I relied on my health for so many things. I needed and wanted to work. For this I needed to be mobile, to be able to walk, to drive, to meet people and keep socially active. This helped me stay mentally fit and able.


    I found myself bed-bound and using crutches even around the house. For anyone who has used crutches at home, you can understand the challenges it invokes. Simple tasks become monumentally challenging. For example; making a cup of tea. I finally managed to make the tea after trying to carry the milk from the fridge to the side, from keeping myself steady on one crutch whilst taking a mug out of the cupboard. All whilst being in serious pain. Not only that, once the tea was made; how was I going to get the tea to the sofa? I managed to put the cup on the floor and slide it across the floor-spilling half of it of course! In short, very small day to day tasks become extremely difficult.

    Physically there are challenges, but mentally you have to process the implications of what it actually means. Your life has changed irrevocably for the near future. As for the longer term future, well, I couldn’t even think that far ahead.

    Emotionally when you lose your health you are affected, and you have to process all of this by yourself. In two words: it’s tough.


    Isolation itself is like torture to me. I need to be around people to stay happy. You suddenly become aware of how alone you are. Of course I had friends and family around me, but not during working hours. My brain was fuzzy because of all the pain killers I was given to take. I couldn’t go out, walk, drive, and when I did I was left exhausted. To be frank it was pretty dangerous too.


    On the road to recovery and I am committed to my well-being. Essentially this life-event meant a whole lifestyle overhaul. I had to review each area of my life and assess whether it was adding to my well-being or detracting from it. I had to ask myself the question: What am I getting out of this deal? Be it my work, my relationships with friends etc. I had to sit down and be really tough. We only have one body and it is essential we take care of it. I talk about my progress in the next article, to follow.


    After any major life-event or event that got you knocked for six, it is essential to review, react and rectify. Have a think about your life right now and separate it into parts as follows. Review those parts and assess out of 10 your happiness in those areas, eg.

    • Work
    • Family
    • Friends
    • Significant other relationship
    • Health
    • Well being
    • Nutrition

    Now review those and write down exactly what it is which is preventing you from scoring 10. ***Warning *** This is tough. But I urge you to be completely honest with yourself and complete the exercise fully. Ask yourself the questions as if you are looking into your life from the outside and are not actually living it.

    The results of this exercise will indicate trends and will show where exactly in your life you need to make improvements. Nobody else is going to do this for you. It is time to stand up strong and confront any negativity coming your way and face it head on. Acknowledging there is a problem is the first step towards happiness. This is how you react.

    Take time to review your answers and in the next article I will talk about how you can take positive action to improve those areas of your life so they add to your well being!

    If you like this article ‘knocked for six’ you can read more at


    Knocked for six. Serena Pyke Life Coach Cambridge, St Neots, Bedford. UK


  • The Wheel of Life

    The Wheel of Life


    The Wheel of Life is a coaching tool which allows you to understand how balanced your life is. It is an exercise to take stock and review where you are in your life. From this point you can set individual goals in each area of your life to work on and improve. When you set and achieve goals you increase in self-confidence, you learn that you can achieve the goals you set. As a result you set and achieve more. This becomes a win-win situation. You work on your self-development, become self-aware and continue to improve your current lifestyle and situation.

    The wheel of life helps you look on to your life rather like as if from a helicopter. This allows you to become objective, to take on a different perspective and look forward. Often we are so tied up in the day-to-day activities of life that we cannot look for improvement. We are so consumed by the business of daily living we forget to look at how balanced or out of balance our lives are. This in-balance causes us friction, pain, worry and stress. The first step to improving our current lives is to undertake the wheel of life exercise. Here it is, for you, for free!


    The Wheel of Life Task :


    The Wheel of Life, Serena Pyke Life Coach, St Neots, Cambridge, Bedford.



    The 8 sections in the Wheel of Life represent balance.

    • Please change, split or rename any category so that it’s meaningful and represents a balanced life for you.
    • Next, taking the centre of the wheel as 0 and the outer edge as 10, rank your level of satisfaction with each area out of 10 by drawing a straight or curved line to create a new outer edge (see example)
    • The new perimeter of the circle represents your ‘Wheel of Life’. Is it a bumpy ride?


    The Wheel of Life Exercise – Client Instructions


    • Part one: This exercise will help you clarify priorities for goal-setting, allowing you to plan so that your life closer fits to your definition of balance.
    • Balance is personal and unique to each individual – what may be balance for you may be stressful or boring for others.
    • Balance must be assessed over time. So, we will check on how balanced your life currently is and highlight useful patterns to help you learn even more about yourself.
    • Part Two: Ask someone who knows you well to complete the scores for you. It can be helpful sometimes to see an outside perception of your life ‘balance’. Note: This must be someone you trust AND whose opinion you value.


    Detailed Instructions:

    1. Review the 8 areas on the Wheel of Life. The Wheel must, when put together, create a view of a balanced life for you. If necessary you can split categories to add in something that is missing for you. You can also re-label an area so that it is more meaningful for you. The usual suspects are:
    2. Family/Friends
    3. Partner/Significant Other/Romance
    4. Career
    5. Finances
    6. Health (emotional/physical/fitness/nutrition/wellbeing)
    7. Physical Environment/Home
    8. Fun/Recreation/Leisure
    9. Personal Growth/Learning/Self-development
    10. Spiritual wellbeing (not necessarily religion – can be sense of self)
    11. Others could include security, service, leadership, integrity, achievement or community.
    12. What does success feels like for each area?
    13. Rank your level of satisfaction with each area of your life by drawing a line across each segment. Place a value between 1 (very dissatisfied) and 10 (fully satisfied) against each area to show how satisfied you are currently with these elements in your life.
    14. The new perimeter of the circle represents their ‘Wheel of Life’. “Is it a bumpy ride?”
    15. Ask yourself:
    16. Are there any surprises for you?
    17. How do you feel about your life as you look at your Wheel?
    18. How do you currently spend time in these areas?
    19. How would you like to spend time in these areas?
    20. Which of these elements would you most like to improve?
    21. How could you make space for these changes?
    22. Can you effect the necessary changes on your own?
    23. What help and cooperation from others might you need?
    24. What would make that a score of 10?
    25. What would a score of 10 look like?

    Email me with your findings. If you like this article subscribe to my free monthly newsletter, sent once a month.

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